Beyond the Horizon




the Horizon


where we all meet

beyond what we know today

beyond what appears possible

Embracing work from anywhere

Our mission statement of making distance irrelevant between intelligent people has never been more apt. One step beyond working from home is working from anywhere. Not as a reaction to a pandemic but a reflection of our founding principles. Beyond the horizon is embracing that the world is one, and work from anywhere is as effective, as intimate and as limitless as we want it to be.

Beyond our listing, TecDAX

Our initial horizon was getting listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on December 16, 2020. In a little over a year, our extended horizon was getting added to the TecDAX. Beyond the horizon simply is continuing to grow our company and our vision, achieving ever greater recognition from the investor community.

Nagarro made stronger through friends

Acquiring clients and capabilities through M&A is on the horizon for every serious company, but beyond the horizon is looking for targets that also enrich and strengthen our core values. ATCS joining the Nagarro family makes us even more agile, entrepreneurial and global.

A future where we are all equal

The horizon regarding gender is setting gender diversity targets. Beyond that horizon is a real opportunity to grow from within by removing unconscious biases and unconscious hesitations by talking about them.

To ensure we have a future

The horizon, living through a pandemic, showed us how fragile our world is and how easily our everyday lives can be completely disrupted. Now imagine if, instead of a virus for which we have a vaccine, we were to take away our habitat? We have had a collective wake-up call. Beyond the horizon is the reality that it is past time to act systemically and holistically to save our planet. We can no longer talk about the future without doing something to ensure that we, as a species, have one. CARING is the heart of Nagarro. It is time to bring those values to a new level and include them more tangibly. We have always played an active role in multiple ESG activities. Now we aim to do so in a more targeted, measurable, cohesive way.

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