A New Day...




We are in a post-pandemic world where the future of work and digital needs and dependencies are forever changed

The new normal is already our yesterday, we are focused on tomorrow. We are built for this hyper-digital world. We are a digital engineering leader focused on thinking breakthrough solutions with a corporate culture built to succeed in virtually connected reality.

A New Brand

2020 was a year marked by transformation. For Nagarro, we revealed our new brand identity, two hearts coming together to capture our excellence and caring values. Modern and future-facing, the brand emulates our more humanistic nature in a field that is often only driven by technology.

Our new day is here. We proudly embrace our differentiation, which makes us unique and guides us. CARING, our core values, is now at the forefront of our brand.  Thinking Breakthroughs, our driving manifesto, combined with the new energy of our brand give us the momentum to build upon the past, and embrace the future.

A New Sustain-
ability Refocus

Life, as we knew, is forever changed. We now know that our lives can be instantly and permanently disrupted.

Covid 19 must be a catalyst, a wake-up call. What we took for granted before, we must now protect. Nagarro has always seen sustainability as something crucial, and now we must redouble our efforts to protect our future.  This is what caring means. It is not only about business but about us, our planet, everyone.

A new listing

There is a new kid on the block, built for the digital revolution, differentiated by our organization design, and focused not on services but on digital products.

With 90% of our revenue coming from our existing clients, we have already proven our excellence. Now, as a newly independent company, we can pursue our destiny and continue to build upon our fundamentals, expertise, and values to be the company we have always wanted to be.

A new defini-
tion of services

In a world of omnichannel solutions, hyper-personalization, and a renewed focus on user-centric connected experiences, can we afford not to evolve the very definition of technology services?

Our clients come to us to become digital-first companies. The innovation and Thinking Breakthroughs we achieve is not done in a siloed way.  We call our work Digital Product Engineering because it brings all of our expertise together to create disruptive solutions for our clients. It is time to see our services as our know-how. Technology is our toolkit and what we do with it is what matters most.

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